Maxammed Cali Kaariye


Maxammed Cali Kaariye was a poet and political activist for Somali nationalism during the Civil War. He wrote to Somali people, motivated by his patriotic values, attempting to push the narrative that the Somali nation exists by the country and people working together. His value of Somali culture was expressed through his encouragement to politicians and the Somali government that equality was only possible through their commitment to loving and serving one another. 

Additionally, he used his poetry to acknowledge and respond to the suffering within the country, and how this suffering led to the decrease of Somali nationalism. He hoped his words would unify Somali people. In an effort to support the Somali nation, he offered a platform to support more Somali people, nourished by the guidance of their shared Islamic religious values.

Maxammed Cali Kaariye’s writing is used in the song Ceelbuur, performed by Salaad Maxamed Derbi and recorded in the early 1970’s. 

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