Kii Dhab ah Jacaylkuna

“The Real Love”

The text of “Kii Dhab ah Jacalkuna” was written by Hussein Aw Farah, a poet, playwright, and the cofounder of the Walaalo Hargeisa Band (Goth, 2015). This song is known most widely for its rendition by Xaliimo Khaliif Magool. The music of the song is attributed to Ismail Yare (Astaan, 2020), an early member of the National Theatre of Somalia (Bashir, 2015).

Maryan Omar Ali, the collector of the cassettes preserved in the Harvard Archive, said of Magool’s rendition, “Her voice and the simile of likening true love to a tree, with deep roots that cannot be easily pulled up, are a masterful combination for the ages.” (Samatar, 2011).

 Live performance of Kii Dhab ah Jacaylkuna by Xaliimo Sacdiyo