Cabdi Cali Weyd


Batalaale (Inaan sida bil ciideed)

“Wehelkayga Caashaqa” (My Loving Companion)

Cabdi Cali Weyd was born and raised in Hargeisa, the capital and largest city of Somaliland. After the collapse of the Siad Barre dictatorship in the 1990s, singer Sahra Halgan began a mission to revive music and art in Somaliland. She is the founder of Somaliland’s first postwar music venue, Hiddo Dhawr, a place for people to learn about and be proud of their culture. Hargeisa is known as the home of Somali art and literature, serving as a meeting place for peace and openness of business where different groups of Somali speaking people meet.

As one of the last poets to recite love songs, Cabdi Cali Weyd was a poet of thought, whose personality and vision were reflected in his poetry. Before passing away at age 37, he was a poet who devoted himself to literature while emphasizing honoring his homeland. He is known for his contributions to the revival of culture, literature, language, and history of Somali people.

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